Desktop cube

This seems to be the best KDE distro out there after months and months of distro hopping. Just one minor inconvenience though that is really not a show stopper. Would any one be so kind as to assist me in setting up the desktop cube to work. Please keep it simple as I am not the brightest bulb in the basement. Thank you in advance.

from menu open system settings > click desktop effects
advaced tab > set composting type to opengl, Qt graphics system to native and click apply
after applying
all effects tab > enable desktop cube and desktop cube plugins then click apply

The above works best using the proprietery gpu driver for whatever gpu you have. But if you can’t run on your current setup you will see a warning saying what could not be applied!
If it works ctrl+F11 activates cube - then you can alter settings to your liking in each plugins settings.
Hope that helps.