Desktop Lockup

Yep don’t know what is causing it. Just had 2nd complete desktop lockup.
Was working fine. Went to stretch out and read on my tablet for 40mins or so.
Came back and Mouse no right click. No switching to terminal Ctrl-Function key or Ctrl,Alt Backspace nada.
Same thing happened yesterday also.

Requires a hard reset. Wondering where to look for issue?

Running default kernel and open drivers.

I’m not sure, I haven’t had any lockups.
I would try looking in the logs for an error.

However, I have had a back light intermittently not coming back up issue. Using fn + f3 on my laptops keyboard works though, even the Plasma OSD registers the brightness coming back up. Perhaps this is just a software control bug.

Might be a hardware issue? I had an occasional mystery desktop lock up problem (didn’t matter what distro), so I replaced the power supply unit after the other potential solutions failed (reseting connections on the motherboard, etc). Pretty much solved the problem.