In all Debian Distributentationen it is possible by scrolling the mouse wheel on the desktop to change him . In the settings of the mouse , this function is already preset , but it is not working .
What is to do?


Did you upgraded to the latest netrunner-desktop-containment package ?
Can you try switching to the folder view plugin in the desktop settings -> layout ?
Is it working there ?
What happens if you switch back to the Netrunner Desktop Containment ?

PS: Please use english titles as it might be easier for others looking for the same issue/question/problem to find it.

  • new install
  • netrunner-desktop-containment 1.0 is installed
  • All 3 appearances
  • same problem

As I said try upgrading to version 1.1

upgrade and new restart kde desktop, but only with Strg+F1/…
nothing goes with weel

Hmm… did you try switching between folder view and the netrunner desktop containment?

Maybe it needs the pager widget in the panel aswell.
At least here I can switch scrolling the mousewheel without a problem having the newest netrunner desktop containment and pager in the panel

In den Pager-Settings (Einstellungen für Arbeitsflächenumschalter) fehlt das Icon Virtual Desktops!

After very extensive dist-upgrade from Netrunner Rolling immediately after you install the latest isos there were 277 packages! went here the desktop switching by mouse wheel perfectly . Unfortunately, after the reboot nothing more goes :frowning:
After waiting 10 seconds of SDE2 , prompt #
no longer possible input ???

I don’t understand what your problem is?
The scroll wheel desktop switching isn’t working again after the upgrade of another OS?

Leszek, look at the thread post here for a somewhat better explanation:

Now that I see this user also had Netrunner 17 installed, I’m wondering what was done exactly?

In netrunner17 no desktop switching scroll mouse wheel , but it does after d-u you work in rolling.
After the reboot can no longer start rolling and on prompt # in the console one, I can not type anything.

Thats a rolling issue then. I see you reported the issue there also already.
Please fix it there.

As for the mouse wheel scrolling issue. Is it a general problem ? Does the wheel work in other apps ?
Do you added a pager to the panel ?
Did you tried scrolling on the pager ? Does this work ?

There is no such thing as a dist-upgrade in a rolling distribution, it just get’s updates and continues to roll.
Anyway, so you are getting to the desktop but you just can’t scroll between virtual desktops and can’t use the keyboard in the terminal?
As leszek mentioned, by default there is only one desktop. Unless you added another one there is nothing to scroll between.
In Netrunner Rolling Xorg is supposed to be on VT1 (console one), this is the systemd default. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be on your system.

Please, let’s move this discussion back to the Netrunner Rolling section, and this time please open a new thread for this issue there.

Ah did I misunderstood? I thought he did install an update on rolling which caused grub to disappear. So basically the bootloader broke.

Pitux can you clarify. In general though it should be discussed on rolling subforum and not this thread as it is a seperate issue altogether

Well, that would be unless you have both installed on the same system. You did already mention having a knopix based grub in the MBR. How many distributions do you have or have had installed on this system?

scrolling on the pager work

kanotix (is no knoppix derivat for long time ago, think 2004) at first, 2x neptune - different version, 2x netrunner, kanotix with testing sources, …
3 HDD any Partitions only for long time. I change the distributations any time to look the differenz :wink:

OK, i’m not 100% sure but didn’t knopix use grub 1.x in 2004?

may be
think tell kano the question. he was long time before in knoppix forum aktiv.

It should use grub 2 nowadays