Did not receive Runners-ID.com confirmation email


I just installed (great distro so far, best KDE install I have ever used) NetRunner and signed up Runners-ID. First account created does not let me log in (did not receive a confirmation email and I did check my junk folder to make sure it wasn’t there). If I do try to log in with this id I get an error message that “Sorry your sign in failed”. I have tried signing in with my username and with the email address I signed up with. If I try the “Forgot your Password?” option, I receive a “Sorry your password resetting failed.” error message. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Kevin, I have experienced the same problem after having installed NetRunner.

I tested this right now and the verification email after creating a new account gets send normally (although it did go to my SPAM folder).
If you use googlemail, you need to login into the webinterface and check SPAM there, as its usually not propagated to an email client like Thunderbird.

The email never reached my Junk email folder. And, as was noted by the previous poster, attempts to reset the password from the site fail.

What is your username on Runners-ID?

I am experiencing this as well. This is unresolved for me. GMail did NOT trap the email, and I cannot reset my password. My username is the same as my forum name.




I have the exact same issue. cannot reset password, and NEVER got the mail in my gmail account. I checked all folders, nothing. Anyone that is in charge of the runnersID have an answer ? Be great to use the service.

:smiley: OK, I got it, not sure why but my yahoo account had no issues at all. My google account will not work.

Maybe google has a “special filter” preventing all owncloud registration emails. :slight_smile: