Digital camera have not recognized

I have a Nikon Coolpix S3500 digital camera. When I wanted to download pictures from the camera using Digikam I received the next message:

The specified camera

is not supported.

I have set up my camera type as USB PTP Camera in the Digikam, thereafter I was able to download pictures. I tried lots of Linux distribution with KDE desktop but every one has same problem. I remember on Netrunner 13.12 it worked fine.

Make sure gvfs-mtp, kio-mtp, mtpfs are installed: sudo pacman -S gvfs-mtp kio-mtp mtpfs
You may also need to launch Dolphin as root to browse pictures though.

Thank you for helping but it did not resolve the problem. Only one thing changed: now Digikam can recognize my camera as USB PTP Class Camera but before it I got same message as first.
Between availabe devices there is my camera but it has no option to open it with Dolphin file manager, there are only Digikam and Gwenview. Dolphin as root can not recognize my camera and I can not browse it.
Truly I would like to use Digikam. Now I can use it but there is a little disappointing error message.

After Googling your issue, this seems to be a common problem with many Nikon Coolpix camera models.

Personally, I would use my card reader for this, but that just me. :slight_smile: