dim laptop [SOLVED]

My Dell Mini 9’s screen has turned dim. It’s still usable, but I would prefer it to be brighter. Pressing the Fn-[brighter] and Fn-[dimmer] keys pops up a window with a monitor icon and a % brightness indicator, which changes appropriately with each key press, but the screen itself remains constantly dim.

In the last use before the problem started, I plugged a projector into the VGA port. I couldn’t get the projector to work properly despite fiddling around in System Settings > Display. I suspect something got borked either by plugging in the projector or by fiddling with the display settings.

Please make sure that the projector is not listed as activated in the systemsettings display settings. Otherwise there should be a button to go to the default settings again.

Projector not activated, settings already at default, but the laptop is at normal brightness without me doing anything. If the dimness doesn’t come back in a few days, I’ll mark the thread solved.