Disappearing controls on program interfaces.

Hi, hope this hasn’t been mentioned before… Please also forgive any lack of coherence as I’m very tired at the moment from writing university essays…

Has anyone experienced any disappearing controls on programs. Specifically controls on nVidia settings, Rythmbox, and perhaps a couple of others (can’t think of them at the moment, too tired).

On nVidia settings the slider that normally controls the gpu fan speed is missing, and several other slider options. I use the fan one especially before any games to keep the card cool, as the default fan profile is way too low.

Also Rythmbox has lost its slider controls, so skipping between parts of a song is not easy now. Anyway, several issues like this have come up since the last two updates were performed. I’m still using KDE 4 by the way.

Thanks for any help.

It looks to me like you have a broken gtk theme. Can you try changing the gtk theme settings in systemsettings to see if it helps

Hi leszek.

When entering the GTK options in system settings all that comes up is this error:

“Could not find plugin ‘GTK’ for application ‘systemsettings’ Library “kcm_cgc” not found”

I’m not up to speed enough in Linux to immediately know how to fix this… Any advice on packages that need to be reinstalled, or otherwise? Thanks.

Re-install kde-gtk-config:

 sudo pacman -S kde-gtk-config

this is the entire kde gtk compatibility package including the kcm (KDE Control Module).

I cleared out my pacman cache just so it would re-download the files using:

sudo pacman -Scc

But after reinstalling via: sudo pacman -S kde-gtk-config, which installed fine, and rebooting my machine, still the same lack of controls is displayed. The same warning also comes up when entering GTK settings in system settings. Any other suggestions?

Could it also pay to remove orphaned packages on my machine? There are 51 currently listed when using the pacman command:

sudo pacman -Qdt

That depends on what they are, they may be considered orphans even if they we’re explicitly installed by you for some reason. I do know that the Netrunner specific packages will come up as orphans if you commented out or removed the blueshell repository from your pacman.conf file…

This might also be due to kde-gtk-config now being a frameworks based application, which isn’t compatible with the kservices4 kcm module. all of the KCM modules are quickly moving to frameworks (kshell5), along with their applications, this means they will no longer work under Plasma4 (KDE SC 4).

I won’t touch those orphaned packages then, as following your advice I previously commented out the Blueshell repository.

Looks like it might be time to move to KDE 5 then. But I won’t have time for that until the semester ends in mid June.

I have a great tutorial in the forum on upgrading to Plasma 5. :wink:

Yes, I’ve been following that thread. Just not had the time to go through the process, and can’t afford my computer to have any issues with so much work to be done at this time. I’m looking forward to the mid year break!