Disck Cache - ~70% of available physical memory

I recently noticed that netrunner is taking my physical memory (6GB available) and caching a little over 2 gigs of it and leaving only about 300mb free for other applications.

Is this normal? Will I encounter any poor performance because of this? I’m relatively unsure what is happening when the memory is being cached to disk

This all ok. You will only experience a slowdown when memory is running full (which I doubt you will ever experience) and the system has to write chunks to a swap partition (if you even have one)

Awesome, Thanks for the response.

Also, I set aside 10GB for swap, so should be alright there.

I’m curious as to why, uou are using that much. I have 16Gb, but just checked and am using les than 1GB and zero swap.
Besides any system stuff, Firefox is running so, I’m not using much, but it sounds to me like a lot of your memory is being used.
Maybe, you have a lot running? What?
I always hear, for the swap file size of, about double phyiscal memory.
Hope this helps.:slight_smile: