Dolphin video details

Hi all,
I use 64bit Netrunner rolling on my laptop. Dolphin shows video details such as duration, bitrate, height…

that’s from Netrunner

I use openSUSE KDE on my desktop pc but Dolphin doesn’t show video details like Netrunner’s.
I installed;
packages on Suse but still it doesn’t show. What should to do?

and that’s from Suse

Is it the same KDE SC version ? Do you use the same phonon backend ?

Hi @leszek
Yes, the same KDE SC version; 4.13.1
Both of them use the same phonon-backend
phonon-backend-gstreamer-0_10 Version:4.7.1-2.12.1

As it is only an openSUSE issue I would recommend you to go to this openSUSE Forum thread:

It seems to me you need libbaloowidgets installed and the semantic desktop search (baloo) enabled for this feature to work.

Thank you @leszek for replies
wish you success in work
good bye