Dropbox Icon dissappeared and my workaround

I didn’t want to highjack chandra’s thread about dropbox not starting and the icon not appearing in the system tray. So… I still don’t have my dropbox icon in the taskbar (hasn’t magically reappeared), and my notes are sketchy, but here is where I’m at…

Based on some post somewhere (manjaro forum maybe) and even though I’m not 100% sure I needed to… I installed dropbox-cli with

yaourt dropbox-cli dropbox-cli start

I can tell dropbox is working because:

[code]$ dropbox-cli status

Up to date[/code]

Then in dolphin, I went to Settings >>> Configure Dolphin >>> Services >>> Dropbox (was it there before? …I don’t remember!), now I have little green check marks with my dropbox folders and some additional right click options…see screenshot:
I got had gotten used to the dropbox icon in the taskbar and the icon that showed when something was uploading, BUT I kinda like it now without the icon (doesn’t take up space) and when I add a file in a dropbox folder in dolphin, the green check mark turns into a blue circle arrow until it is uploaded.

I’ve been using using linux long enough to know stuff changes without any warning, but otherwise, Bottom-line, I’m OK with this new situation (workaround?).


Please move the (solved) from the end of your thread title to the begining, it make it easier to see off the bat.
However, I wouldn’t consider this Solved.
These are two separate applications.
The ICON in the tray is part of the dropbox package application.
The plugin for dolphin is a separate application that comes with the dolphin-plugins package.