Dual boot instructions on Windows 7 ?


Netrunner (KDE) is one of the nicest distros i’ve ever stumble upon! :cool:
Unfortunately, KDE has never been easy for me and I didn’t see “install alongside Windows” on the live CD (no GParted either).

Does anyone have a link to instructions on how to dual boot NR on Windows 7 ?

Thank you!

Hi danielson,
this is what I found:

Your best bet is to google Manjaro and Windows7 and apply it to the Netrunner Rolling release.

Manjaro has GParted, Netrunner does not.
Maybe EasusPartition Manager might do the trick.
Could find KDE tutorials on Youtube to do this.

Netrunner Rolling is based off Manjaro KDE so it should be under system in the menu.
Besides that you would only need to choose advanced in the installer and resize and create partitions yourself, The Manjaro installer will automatically add the Windows partition to the grub menu.