Dual booting with Netrunner 16


I had a spare partition on my drive. So I wanted to test out the rolling. After I installed. It has replaced the grub and now I cant boot into netrunner 16.

What can I do so I can have the choice which one to boot too


Can you run sudo update-grub on the installed system. Maybe it will find Netrunner 16 then and add an entry.


  1. Boot from a live system
  2. Mount Netrunner 16 partition
  3. Mount bind /dev to Netrunner 16 partitions dev
  4. Chroot into Netrunner 16 partition
  5. Reinstall grub2 with grub-install /dev/yourdevice.


I will try that. I did a long way around LOL

I Just went and re-installed Netrunner 16.

Is there a reason why this happened that you loose the Netrunner 16 on the Bootup

Might be it did not detect it on installing.


It did a weird thing as well to the partition that 16 was on. When with rolling I went to the partition. It had 4 directorys like @ @home etc and under one of them was the 16 installation. I am going to install on a netbook to see if I can replicate this

Oh you installed on a btrfs partition with subvolumes I suppose @home is an indicator for it

Ok that is what happened. I was puzzled.

I have to say with the rolling. I do like the Graphics driver management allot and the Kernel management.