Dual Booting with windows 7

Hi All,
I have decided to install netrunner alongside windows 7 on my laptop. I am trying to partition using gpart from the live cd but it is asking for a password. I looked in the readme file but have not found one, does anyone know if there is a password for the live cd.
I have also tried to partition using the installation process but it will not let me create a swap partition. I am only learning how to do this & I may be doing something wrong, I have 83g partition & created a root partition of 20g, home partition of 55g & was leaving the remainer for swap, but i cannot create the swap partition. That when I decided to use gparted.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you

Netrunner Rolling is based on Manjaro.

Take a look at the installation wiki pages for Manjaro : https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php/Installation_Guides

If you have an UEFI system make sure you have secure boot disabled.

Strange it shouldn’t ask you for a password as we disabled all passwords (made them basically blank) on rolling live.

Even If the password is blank it will still ask you for it.

Then even when it asks just click ok as like I said the password is set to be blank

I have tried manjaro, user, admin & netrunner as passwords but no go.
I have tried the ignore button & it still asks for root password.
I went to the manjaro link & when the partition is to be edited gparted comes up automatically with no password.
Is there a way around this problem?

The passwords are blank so you would just hit OK or hit Enter on the keyboard not Cancel.

Thus the installer should allow you to create a partition for swap.
You may have a bad ISO, did you check the md5sum?
Also the Live Media is a hybrid ISO and can not be created using programs like Unetbootin, the ISO needs to be writing in it’s original size and format. Here is the Manjaro Guide from their wiki: https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Burn_an_ISO_File

I checked the md5sum when I burnt the disc & everything was fine. I have used this disc to install netrunner on my desktop, but didn’t use gparted, & liked it so much I wanted to install it on my laptop with visions of doing away with windows altogether. I just need to sort out my cad programs that won’t run on linux.
Anyway, I have sorted the problem out with gparted, but it might be an issue to look into.
Thanks for your patience & help.

Which CAD programs do you use?

Revit, Archicad, Chief Architect & Autocad