Dual Booting with Windows 8.1

Hello, i’m so excited about this new operating system because i need also some linux features in my pc.

My question is how i can make a dual booting to netrunner rolling because i have installed in my pc Windows 8.1 and i don’t want to unninstal it. I have 2 Hard Drives, the SSD 120GB have installed the Windows 8.1 and i have another hard drive with two partitions. Can u please give me a link with a tutorial or to reply with steps that i most need to do ?

Thank you.

The installer will guide you basically. If you know about partitioning it should be ne problem to install Netrunner alongside your existing Windows installation.
Though beware of Secure Boot. If it is enabled Netrunner will not run. So disable it first and test if Windows is working with disabled secure boot (you’ll never know what MS is thinking or doing)

In the installation process (if you know partitioning) the safest would be doing your own layout and for example install Netrunners root ( / ) on the SSD alongside with a resized Windows 8 partition (that would make Netrunner speedier than running from a normal harddrive) and use one of the partitions on the harddrive as /home partition.(formatted in ext4 of course or any other linux filesystem you prefer)

There are several partitioning guidelines that might help you on the net. Here is one for example (though a little bit older):

Thank you very much, i’m gonna try to install tonight and i will be back with a feedback.