Editing left-click menu?

Hello to all at the forum. :slight_smile:

I have primarily been a Manjaro user, but it has issues on my laptop, and I wanted to give Netrunner rolling a try. So far I like the optimization that the devs have done. Bravo!

There is one thing that I miss though, that standard KDE desktops have, is the power off option when you left-click on the desktop. I would like to know how to edit the menu to put it back in. If someone could point me to a link or know how do this I would kindly apprecieate it.

Thank you, :smiley:

You would need to use the default KDE menu and not the homerun kicker menu. to get this you would click on the cashew in the right hand corner of the panel > then add widgets and drag the Application Launcher to the panel where you want it, you can then also remove Homerun Kicker menu by hovering over it and clicking the X.

PS. Next time you might want to post under the Netrunner Rolling (Arch/Manjaro) area of the forum instead of the Netrunner Standard 13.12 (Ubuntu/Debian) section, just a FYI. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I didn’t notice that there were diffent posting locations, sorry.

Scratch the post anyway, because after I did an update (which was a pain, conflicts and incomplete key verifications) it broke my system. I lost my gpu driver and internet/wifi and couldn’t get either of them back. Basicaly I had simular issues with Manjaro and their recent updates (that I havn’t been able to find a solution for). So, Netrunner Rolling is no longer on my computer. It seemed like it would have been nice, but for some reason the packages break my system (AMD) and I don’t want the headace.

Thank you for the reply and thanks again.

Yea, AMD seems to be a headache lately, especially with their Propitiatory drivers, I know how to fix all those issues, but if you’ve moved on more power to ya. I hope you find something that is going to work for you, and if you ever need help again let me know, no matter what you end up using. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, I appreciate it. :smiley:

Well if I can’t make KaOS work for me then I will give it another shot.