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On trying to setup Evolution the account settings window only displays that last two letters of the field descriptions although it is still possible to work out what these are and add the account details. Thereafter though, Evolution freezes trying to collect from the account and cannot be closed for shut down otherwise. Any other Evolution windows that are open can be closed and the main window even minimized but that’s all.

I followed a fix suggested earlier (that works) to get the full field descriptions displayed in the settings window, but nothing I can think of prevents the freezing on trying to collect mail.

I’m also having the exact same problems but I’m not too bothered about the cosmetic issue, it’s the fact that Evolution won’t collect mail that’s the BIG issue. I’ve set up an IMAP account but I’m wondering if the problem exists with POP3 also.

Yes it does because mine are POP3.

OK, that rules that possibility out then.

Evolution seems to have had some problems in the past (first link reports it with POP also):

This thread suggests maybe some missing packages from gnome, like gnome-keyring.

Were you able to succesfully setup evolution under Kubuntu 12.10 or any other KDE distro before?
Any error logs?

Your mention of gnome-keyring suddenly made me realise that Evolution has never asked me for any passwords. So, I’ve installed gnome-keyring and, after firing up Evolution, I’m now asked for my account password(s) and Evolution is now happily collecting mail. I’ve fired it up several times and, so far, everything looks good.

Thanks for your help :smiley:

I have never used evolution, but was wondering the same thing after I set it up on Netrunner…
It looked suspicious when it reported “scanning folders” but never bothered to authenticate with a password.

@BigFoot: Can you also confirm it is working with gnome-keyring installed, so we can mark this solved?

Confirmed: With gnome-keyring installed it does now function. It’s not exactly stable in use and likes to shutdown if you hit “Close” in a settings window instead of the “X” at the top. :slight_smile:

Can’t work out how to set up Mail Notification either. “Evolution” appears as a drop down option but then there’s no choice to save it. Tried manually but haven’t a clue where the mailbox file to configure is located? If anyone can help would be most grateful.

When new mail arrives here, I get a popup from the notifications widget telling me that new mail has arrived, together with a button which I can click to view my inbox. I didn’t have to set this up, it just happens automagically. Is this the “Mail Notification” that you mean or is it something else.
I’ve just discovered a new problem:

When I click on either a http or https link in an email, I get an error box popping up which tells me “Could not open the link. The specified location is not supported.”

Anyone know how to solve this, thanks.

No, I’m meaning the Mail Notification application which puts a numerical icon for new mail in the system tray.