Extra repositories

Hi there

I have been trying to install some packages from the Arch linux extra repositories. However, when I search in octopi for the said package it is not showing up. I downloaded the pkg.tar and installed that way, so no problem, but I have a vague memory that octopi has previously been showing me packages from the extra repositories before and I could choose it from the “groups” to display in octopi, but I don’t get any hits from there anymore, has something changed or do I need to modify the mirror list somehow?..

DO NOT download packages from the Arch Linux Repositories, Netrunner rolling is based on Manjaro not Arch, Manjaro maintains their own repositories and is NOT 100%.compatible with Arch.

Yes, since Octopi version 0.6.0 it now defaults to showing Installed packages only, just click on View > All before searching next time. I have already filed a bug report on this to arnt.

OK, thanks, so it was only about changing the view. Uninstalled it, did a search and then it was found and installed again, seems to be the same but I get one should not mix arch into this. Does Manjaro have a similar web based search for packages like arch does?..

No unfortunately not, but you can use The Arch page as a reference as long as you keep in mind that the packages there could be slightly newer than what is in the Manjaro stable repositories. Most of the packages are the same but Manjaro does have there own patched versions of some things like graphics drivers, Kernels, etc. Manjaro also maintains a slightly older version of xorg than Arch does for compatibility with the amd/ati proprietary catalyst drivers. It just makes for a good rule of thumb not to mix Manjaro and Arch packages. Manjaro does however maintain compatibility with most applications available in the AUR, with the obvious exceptions of base system related packages. As long as your cautious, and know that you could seriously break your system do what you like, but for the most part Manjaro actually has more packages in their repositories than Arch does anyway.