Failsafe mode

Hi All,
Have just installed Netrunner over the last few days & have been exploring & making minor changes. Absolutely love it! I do have a question, & please forgive my ignorance if it is a stupid question as I am no hi tech computer dude I bumble through things. When I try to change desktop effects & click apply, I get a message that Netrunner is running in failsafe mode & that setting changes will not take place until out of failsafe mode. I start Netrunner up & there is no sign of it running in failsafe mode but if it is how do I start in normal mode.
Thanks in advance.

Log out and select the 1st regular KDE Plasma session in drop-down menu. And then log back in.


Just to Expand upon Orbmiser’s Reply:
On the SDDM login screen, if you look in the uper right hand corner you will see the session setting, you’ll need to change that from KDE Plasma Workspace (Failsafe Session) to KDE Plasma Workspace before entering your password and logging in.

Thank you for your quick response, problem solved