Few questions

After a restart I get KDE notifications way to big. They were smaller before restart and I haven’t found a way to resize them or at least make them as they were before. The second question is about Ktp. How to properly setup gtalk (google) account so that ktp autologins after a boot? Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

The notifciations in kde should normally appear on the bottom right (over the panel). If you accidently moved them they might get bigger.
Can you try to move them down again and see if it fixes the problem.
Also I notice that this notification has an image in it and I expect it to be from clementine or some other audio player. It might be normal for that notifications to be that big.
Does this happen with any notification ?

For the ktp thing.
Just add an jabber/xmpp account and as E-Mail/Username use your normal @gmail.com e-mail adress and your google password. It should figure out everything else automatically.

Yes I moved it on the top, but it didn’t affected size, now I moved it back on the bottom and it still stays big and yes it is from clementine but there was no problem with clementine earlier this morning. I did that in Ktp but after a restart its always set to offline adn sometimes it complains about some error while trying to connect to gmail account.

And resizing is not possible?

As for ktp you need to set in the settings somewhere that it should go online on start.

P.S. The option is called restore last presence on login.

Yeah, its kinda funny that KDE with so many customization options does not have that one :smiley:
For Ktp I get this error “There was a problem while trying to connect ...@gmail.com. The service is not available”. When i manually set it to online then there are no problems. Anyway thank you for your help and patience.

It might be a bug that ktp tries connecting before network manager established a connection which is clearly a bug then and should be reported upstream if it not already has.

The auto connection option for Ktp is under System Settings > Social Accounts > General.

“Restore last presence on login” is at the top under Auto Connect.

It is already just like on your screenshot AJSlye but i still get error.

The dotted check mark is the default and only means that setting has not yet made by the user yet. However it is disabled and you will need to click on it until it is a solid check mark for it to be enabled.