Firefox 2x the loadi time vs. Windows 7?

No biggie just wondering if my situation is unique. Or anyone else have the issue of Firefox taking twice as long to load in Linux than Windows 7. As dual boot with exact same Firefox version and plugins,extensions.

Firefox on Windows 7 takes 4 seconds to boot up and on Linux it’s right around 8 seconds mark. This is on an older SSD Amd dual core and 4gigs of ram.

As that extra 4 seconds delay allows FEAR Uncertainty & Doubt to Creep In!
Allowing for the manifestation of a Anxiety Attack! :stuck_out_tongue:

Was just wondering if anyone else notice and might have a clue about it.

Firefox loads as much of itself into ram as can, and with plugins loading as well it can take some time load.
Is this on the same machine (Dual Boot) or two different computers (One for Windows and One for NR)?
Are you using the KDE Plasma compatibility patched version or the standard Firefox package? This would also make a difference in loading times.

Dual boot same machine, same Firefox versions and same plugins and extensions.
Using firefox-kde 37.0.1-2 on Netrunner.

The KDE (Plasma) patches do add some time to the start up, the amount of time would depend on the systems specs of course. I wouldn’t worry to much about it.

But…But… I’m Hyper-Ventilating from the Anxiety and getting Dizzy and Seeing Spots and Everything ! :s
Thanks for the info just wondering if something specific to my setup.