Firefox 34.0.5 Slow to startup for anybody else?

For some reason beyond my comprehension. Firefox 34.0.5 is taking 30 seconds to load up. One time took a full minute. The spinning icon shows on panel that it launched then a few seconds later disappears altogether. Then icon reappears 25 seconds or so later as the browser opens on desktop. Disabled all extensions and still repeatable delay.

My unfounded suspicions is systemd? or where to look for issue. As also for some reason my desktop Conky script also doesn’t load all the time on startup. Half the time requiring me to run it manually.

Have pre-fetch disabled to not load it during boot up. Using dual-core 4gb of ram with Ati 4350 using default open drivers.
Have not changed any settings or installed anything new in way of extensions,theme’s,scripts,etc…

Firefox 33 before update would startup to page in 10 seconds max.

So any insights,directions to look would be appreciated.


Which firefox did you install firefox-kde or firefox and is your?

What do you mean by pre-fetch, the hard drive feature or did you mean the pre-load script?

Yes, Firefox 34.0.5 deoes seem slower than 33 was, even on my Netrunner 14 machine.

Try removing the netrunnerarch-firefox-profile package, and then making a new profile in firefox to to see if maybe there is something in you current profile causing it?

Yep disabled the pre-load script and it was the Firefox provided in the update.
Didn’t install any specific Firefox just held off update until it was provided.

Strange as the netrunnerarch-firefox-profile package isn’t installed as per Octopi.
Would installing possibly fix the issue?

Default Firefox settings for Netrunner
Depends On   firefox-kde
Download Size 7.18 MiB
Installed Size 33.98 MiB
Build Date Wed - 13/08/2014 00:48:27

And wondering why it wasn’t installed in the update? As updated thru Octopi.

Thanks again for taking the time to walk me thru it.

I think that the netrunnerarch-firefox-profile package was only used for the 2014.04 Netrunner Rolling ISO and not the 2014.09 or 2014.09.1 ones, but I can’t remember.

You could try installing the netrunnerarch-firefox-profile to see what it does, but from what I can tell it just adds more files under etc/skel/,mozilla/firefox for use when setting up a new user, so you would probably have to copy and past them to the .mozilla directory in your home folder yourself.

But first try making a new clean profile from within firefox, set it be the default and then restart you system to see if that fixes the speed issue.

You could also try re-enableing the pre-load script.