Firefox 42 ?

I just upgraded to 17 and hoped that I got Firefox 42 as promised, but I only have 41.0.2 - what gives? :slight_smile:

Is it a typo, or do I need to do something magical to get it?

It’s a typo. 41.0.2 is the newest version we provide.

That figures - I suspected that it was the case - thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve tryied to update Firefoex by PPA “sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa”, without any results…
I thought Netrunner, as distro from Kubuntu, capable to use the same PPAs… But it seems not to be right!
No problem waiting a while in order to have firefox updated… but I’d like to understand if… And maybe why, Netrunner didn’t match kubuntu’s repositorys?

We provide firefox builds that are patched against plasma allowing for mimetypes, print dialog and open/save dialogs to be used by plasma instead of generic or gtk ones.
This firefox builds have higher priority than the other firefox versions provided by ubuntu or in other ppas.
If you want to update despite loosing that plasma integration you can do so by using synaptic and choosing the specific version of firefox you want to install.

Thanks! Reading you post I think the better thing to do is awaiting the upgrade from Netrunner developers like, I suppose, you are! :idea: