Firefox preload not working anymore

I need to reinstall the firefox preload script. I still have a preloading entry in the startup, but not sure if FF is included there. (’/usr/share/netrunner-default-settings/’)

Yep it’s there and if you have it checked in System settings>Startup and Shutdown ? And that isn’t working?
Have you been manually messing around with firefox in any way?

Just turned it back on and rebooted and works fine here.


Yes I messed a little bit with the permissions in my home folder (needed to chmod 755 -R my home folder, after copying my files after accidental delete, a lot of permission 600 files)

Maybe I’ll check permissions in .kde4/Autostart, something has to be wrong there in the permissions

╭ ➜ filip@laptop:~/.kde4/Autostart ╰ ➤ l totaal 4,0K -rwxr-xr-x 1 filip users 259 12 apr 2014 preload.desktop*

I left a comment in your Manjaro thread: