Firefox Saving Last Used Pages - Problem

I know this has been brought up before… but I would have thought they
would have fixed it by now. I have the option in prefs set to open last
used tabs, yet it has not and will not do this. I will say that I have used
several diferent distros in the last month and No other distro has this
issue. So I ask… when will they get it fixed? It’s a bit frustrating to have
to go and reload all your pages… not to mention Remembering them!

Also, I just noticed that I set up StartPage as my default search engine
and after I shut the system down and then later, come back to boot up,
It has reverted to Google!!

WHAT is wrong here??

This is a design decision of the preloaded firefox. You can access the preloaded instance from tray and tinker with it to set settings like default homepage, search engine and so on.
Unfortunately it isn’t possible to restore tabs with this preloading technique as it basically opens up the restored tabs firefox in the background (located in the tray if you want to access it) on every startup.

This is STRANGE! I have two computers and the 14 Frontiers OS is on both of them. On my second pc, the tabs opened in a previous session DO re-open in Firefox when re-booting that pc and re-starting Firefox. But not on my main pc.

And WHY would someone program in NOT to save your last open pages??

wow… I have already run into a few different STUPID programming ideas from your OS and would really like to go back to 13.12… but who knows how long that will work?

Guess my search goes on AGAIN for another distro!! Crazy!

Why switching the distro when you could just deactivate the preload autostart item which would solve this particulary issue you have ?