Firefox start up slow


I just installed a fresh Netrunner 13.06 and it works very well. Only thing so far: when I start firefox, it takes long to start. This was not so in Netrunner 12.04. Any ideas as to why?



It might be one of the extensions. Could you create a new empty profile and test with it ?
Todo so start firefox with firefox -ProfileManager and create a new profile.

Thanks for the suggestion! I created a new profile and indeed firefox starts a lot faster. It seems to be the AdBlock Plus plugin - if this is disabled, then firefox starts a lot faster. Googling reveals a few reports on this issue. The strange thing is that this does not happen on my 2 other netrunner systems, which are up-to-date, but are 12.04, not 13.06.

You could try an alternative adblock extension.

Thanks, knowing what it is I can live with it.

Now I noticed a similar behavior with Thunderbird. It starts superfast on the two netrunner 12.04 systems, but takes time on netrunner 13.04 (the computer specs are very similar). Creating a new profile solves the problem. It looks like it might be the Calendar plugin or the Google provider, but again these are two add-ons that I depend on.