[Fixed] 31 Aug 2017 Update is broken - Needs URGENT repair!

Regarding the qtvirtualkeyboard issue, simply removing qtvirtualkeyboard will work. The ndiswrapper build failure looks like it’s https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ndiswrapper/+bug/1691838 . I’d recommend trying out the ndiswrapper package from experimental if you really need it.

apt-get remove qtvirtualkeyboard did not work. I’m pretty confident, as I did 3 fresh installs. WITHOUT backports WITH snapshot 0725 a fresh 17.06 install could not cleanly dist-upgrade; I needed to force install qml-module-qtquick-virtualkeyboard to move past dependency mismatch.

I’ll set up a vm and check again.

Regardless, I learned loads in this exercise. Thanks for the help shadeslayer and Xexedi!