I’m searching for my fonts in Netrunner and I can’t find them !

Any ideas ?

Maurice George


What fonts do you search ?
Normally fonts are located in /usr/share/fonts for globally available fonts.
User specific fonts can be found in the .fonts directory hidden in your home folder.

Do you mean the kcm (KDE Control Module) for setting up your default fonts and settings?
If so, then the font settings and font management modules are both located under system > font settings in the system-settings control panel.

Or do you mean in the package manager?
If you cant find them in the official repositories then they may be available from the AUR.
The AUR is not automatically searched in octopi with a standard search, you have to select in the right hand panel of octopi to search it. like this:

Anything in these <> are search expressions under those are the search categories, notice that yaourt is not a category, this is because the AUR is not a repository of actual packages and can not be indexed.

For an better explanation of what the AUR is and how it works look here:

You can also search the AUR online here as well: