Fresh Install Booting to minimal grub

I did a fresh install of netrunner, without reserved/efi/bios and with reserved efi and one with reserverd bio. For all installs I had root and home partition. This is on dynamic disk guidesystem. All booted to a minimal grub command line. What should I do? I am using an AAspire E1-472p-6860 laptop.

If you are able to recreate a msdos partitiontable on the destination disk.

Is there any way I can make netrunner work with dynamic disk? I don’t want to change partitiontablrs very much.

Yes, Linux is capable of accessing spanned drives that we’re created using Microsoft’s dynamic disk utilities. However, If you mean out-of-the-box then the answer would have to be NO, they can not be used to install Netrunner on, or any other Linux distribution AFAIK.

Thats odd never new that. I was previously under the impression that GUID and Dynamic Disk were the same, so I thought install would work because Ubuntu worked on my GUID table mac. I can change partition tables but that is a last resort. How could I get it to work with Dynamic Disk?

LDM (Logical Disk Manager)

Under Netrunner Standard ldmtool is available in the Ubuntu universe repository

apt-get install ldmtool

Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) it is available from the AUR:

yaourt -S ldmtool