Funny Network Problem, need help

I installed NetrunnerOS rolling on my laptop. The laptop is connected to the network using a wired connection. It is connected to a 8 port switch which is connected to the router/modem. I can see the internet and do all the usuall things. But octopi can fetch and install packages, but when I ask it for the latest news I returns a error message stating that it is not connected to the internet. Can some one help? Thanks very much.

I get the same message. I guess it might be offline or not working on Netrunner.

This is because Netrunner isn’t identified/known by octopi, not sure how this works, under manjaro it shows news for Arch, ArchBang, Chakra and Manjaro. One of the devs should get a hold of Arnt and see how to get this working here.

AJSlye :

Thanks for the reply and information. Hope some developer sees this and it gets fixed soon.