Guida per installazione driver catalyst

Hello, I installed Netrunner 13.12, beautiful even in the smallest details very well kept.
I have a problem though, my video card with an ATI HD5850 drivers open the notebook warms much as I should have done in the previous distro to install the AMD Catalyst.
And 'possible to have a guide to do it because if I install proprietary drivers for the graphics mode of the system to restart the screen is black.

Once again, congratulations to the whole team of Netrunner

Hello Peter

You need the fglrx-legacy drivers for your card to work. The driver manager in Netrunner should give you the option to install this. If it doesn’t I am afraid you have to manually install the driver via the ati website. Stick to the installation instructions from the official website.

There is no user of netrunner having in notebook ati video card and drivers with open overheat.
because I will definitely need help.
With Netrunner 13:06, installing the drivers from graphics mode everything worked perfectly, nopn you can do the same thing with the 13:12 version?

Hello Peter