Gwenview Old?

Was checking and the build date for Gwenview is back in June?
Isn’t that kind of old and defeats the benefits of Arch freshness?

Since it’s a default app would think it would be fresher than that?

Just curious and trying to understand how Arch repos work?

The build date isn’t as important as the version number. However, your reading the date in American format which it is not. Gwenview is part of KDE Applications 15.08.3-1 which is the latest release. this was built on the 6th day of the 11th month in the 2015th year (AD), 6/11/2015 which was a Friday.

In a rolling distribution you get the latest version within a few days of it being released. The only time you will see point releases is if there was a bug or security fix. There were some complaints about the frequency of the stable branches updates, so with the exception of critical security and bug fixes, it has been slowed down from every week to every two weeks as a base time frame. These can sometimes take a bit longer if there are and major bugs or regressions though.

Ahhh too much Turkey and me not paying attention then. Only drew my attention to version or build date is that Gwenview crashes if you close it down while it’s playing one of those little animated gif’s.

I don’t even want to think about turkey for quite some time. LOL
Anyway, I’ve never tried animated gif’s in it, that’s interesting.

Yep just finished the last of the Turkey Dinner I had left about 5 mins ago and am Turkey Out.
And turkey isn’t my fav’s top meat love.
Always went for the Ham when there was a choice. But no ham this year.

Yep always collect wide ranging funny response small animated gifs to imbed in emails to friends.