Hello all! Great OS!

I just wanted to say hello, and thank the developers for such a slick OS.

Startup and shutdown are very snappy, as are most tasks, it seems to function very well, much more responsive than kubuntu on the same machine.

I really like the drop down terminal, and the choices of pre-installed software (steam, skype, and gimp in particular).

I also like the way the menus are setup better than kubuntu, it’s a bit more intuitive to my tastes and therefore easier to manage.

Also the installation managed to install on the correct hard drive and MBR without messing up any of the other partitions on my system, something kubuntu couldn’t manage, as my linux drive is not the primary or only drive. I actually had to unplug all other drives to install kubuntu properly. Kinda sad.

In short, thank you for your hard work, great job!

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I agree… great OS.