Hello, new to Netrunner

[font=Tahoma]Hi all. After a couple of months of hopping around I landed here finally, and all I can say is, job well done. This has got to be without a doubt the best themed and attractive KDE distro that I have come across. The installation was seamless (for me), Nvidia driver installation wonderfully easy, and functional. I have a couple of minor quirks which I will address in another thread but nothing major. I just wanted to say thanks to all those involved in this project. You got a new member. I’ve been using Linux for many years now, however my last home is going through a few hiccups right now, so I decided to make the rounds, and refresh myself about what is out there now. I’m happy that I did, it’s been an eye opener :slight_smile:
Thanks all.[/font]

I tested about 6 KDE distributions this weekend and Netrunner is definitely the best out of the box.
Themes, colours and general appearance are well thought out.
Installation is very easy to.

Looking forward to Netrunner 13 :cool:

After using numerous KDE Distro, i have made up my mind just focus on Netrunner as my main linux OS.

Thank you Netrunner developers, you guys just make linux much more easier.