Hello, problems with virtualbox

Hello, my name is Peter, I live in Italy, I apologize for my bad English, I’m new to this forum, are aware of the wind distribution Netrunner about a couple of months, I tried it and I liked it, considering that use purely Gnu / Linux with KDE desktop.

I installed Netrunner 13:06 on my notebook and desktop computer at home, all right, but as always there is always a but …

My problem is that with virtualbox where virtualizzo other distro GNU / Linux and OpenIndiana I can not bring the image of the distro to full screen, I’ve tried various things, followed the guides, I turned at the LUG in my country but also they do not have solved the problem.

Some of you is the same thing happened and how you solved it.

Hello thanks Peter.

Fullscreen support depends on the guest operating system and if there are guest additions available for them. Someone at your LUG should have known this.
Anyway try installing them and it should work after a restart of the guest system

Hello , thanks for the reply .
My problem as hi understood it comes to bringing the distro virtualized full screen .
When I install the guest- additions to the terminal this is the ouptut that gives me at the end of installation.

" Peter @ peter - VirtualBox : ~ $ ls
Documents Models Pictures Downloads Music Public Videos Desk
peter @ peter - VirtualBox : ~ $ cd Downloads
peter @ peter - VirtualBox : ~ / Downloads $ ls
32Bit cert VBoxSolarisAdditions.pkg
64bit OS2 VBoxWindowsAdditions - amd64.exe
AUTORUN.INF runasroot.sh VBoxWindowsAdditions.exe
autorun.sh VBoxLinuxAdditions.run VBoxWindowsAdditions - x86.exe
peter @ peter - VirtualBox : ~ / Downloads $ sudo sh. / VBoxLinuxAdditions.run
Verifying archive integrity … All good.
Uncompressing VirtualBox 4.2.10 Guest Additions for Linux …
VirtualBox Guest Additions installer
4.2.10 Removing installed version of VirtualBox Guest Additions …
Removing existing VirtualBox DKMS kernel modules … done .
Removing existing VirtualBox non- DKMS kernel modules … done .
Building the VirtualBox Guest Additions kernel modules
The headers for the current running kernel were not found . If the Following
module compilation fails then this Could be the reason .
Building the main Guest Additions module … done .
Building the shared folder support module … fail !
( Look at / var / log / vboxadd - install.log to find out what went wrong )
Doing non- kernel setup of the Guest Additions … done .
Installing the Window System drivers
Warning : unknown version of the X Window System installed. Not installing
X Window System drivers
Installing modules … done .
Installing graphics libraries and desktop services components … done .
peter @ peter - VirtualBox : ~ / Downloads $ "

I installed the build-essential for a better compilation but nothing, I updated the kernel and its headers and tried to re-install the guest- additions but nothing yet .

During the shutdown Netrunner 13:06 I get the video to read:
" Virtualbox additions not disabled in a virtual machine ."

Hello Peter

It seems that the virtualbox guest additions are not compatible with your kernel or the kernel headers (linux-headers) are missing and not installed for the currently running kernel.
Please make sure to have the kernel headers for the currently running kernel installed.

Also notice that there is version 4.3 of virtualbox already available via the http://www.virtualbox.org website which might work better for you. (You can just download and install the deb package after removing the virtualbox version installed from the repository)

The problem was that in netrunner 13:06 distro version is installed “OSE” VirtualBox, removed and installed the latest version of VirtualBox from the site, install guest-additions everything works perfectly.

Hello Peter

Don’t forget to install the Virtualbox Extension pack available on their site as well. It helps make the install complete with Support for USB 2.0 devices, VirtualBox RDP and PXE boot for Intel cards and I think a few more things.

Download Extension Pack: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads