Help installing Wuala and Mega Cloud Storage


I just installed Netrunner Rolling 2014.09 and need help installing Wuala cloud storage from and Mega from

They both have linux versions but not sure how to set them up. Wuala has a general tarball which I downloaded and Mega has a lot of different linux versions but nothing specific for Arch/Manjaro.

I was able to get Wuala running by double clicking the wuala/wuala program but I’m wondering how can I install it so there is an icon or program launcher?

Thanks for your help.

I think you need to create a launcher on your own. Right Click on the Desktop and create a new Link to an Application.
When it comes to mega the megasync application should be in an aur:
So try searching it in Yaourt category of octopi and you should find it.
I see wuala also in AUR maybe you could try installing that from there aswell.

Wuala is in the AUR:

yaourt -S wuala

If you need Wuala to run a deamon then:

yaourt -S wuala-daemon

There are a few options for Mega cload storage in the AUR, from command line tools to a nautilus or a fuse plugin.
You’ll need to dig through them all to see what will work beat for you:

Thank you leszek and AJSlye for your help. Your solutions were so easy and Wuala and Mega are both working perfectly. I just installed from the command line with yaourt.

I was not familiar with yaourt so thanks so much for the information and your help!

No problem, I’m just glad I was able to help. :slight_smile: