Homerun applet

Was reading about Homerun and shows in Octopi.
as kdeplasma-applets-homerun

But it also wants to install kdeplasma-workspace-4.11.21
Will this mess things up? As thought we are trying to get away from the 4 workspace?

That package is the homerun kicker menu and is for KDE SC 4 only.
That applet is now maintained upstream as part of Plasma 5 as the “Application Menu”.
The full screen homerun menu system was dropped a while ago.

Yep was looking over an older article.


I thought as much as looking into an app launcher kind of like unity or the homerun one. As can’t change desktop to ‘Search and Launch’ option in Plasma 5. And Krunner doesn’t have the wrench Icon where I can have krunner on desktop and able to drag and position to specific spot on desktop. Like to have it on right monitor lower left corner close to where the mouse pointer usually is. Now Krunner only opens smack center top of screen.

Guess all that old behaviours still haven’t been ported over to Plasma 5 yet.

And seen a application launcher for 5.4

And how that is different? than the one we have.

Yes, the Application Dashboard alternative launcher that is in that video is coming in Plasma 5.4.