Homerun Kicker icon size

I would like to know how to change the size of the Homerun kicker icons (sidebar and the favorites). I use a 55" tv and the existing icons are small after the initial install.

It is possible to resize the menu itself but not the icons as far as I am aware of. So if you don’t find anything in the homerun-kicker settings this feature is not implemented yet.

The sidebar and favorites icons on the iso are 1.5 times bigger than the icons on the installed version. Changing the icon size of the installed version using system settings>desktop appearance>icons>advanced has no effect.
This is also happening on Manjaro kde as well. It would be nice to talk to whomever created the iso to get their understanding of icon size.

I noticed that in Netrunner rolling if you add favorites and drag the kicker menu up to show them, after logging out and logging in again it has reverted to it’s default size so not showing all the icons. This didn’t happen in 13.12.

I contacted someone on the homerun irc channel. They replied that the icon resizing is not available but that it would be in the next release scheduled in June. Also they replied… that plasma next is capable of high dpi scaling for UI elements