Homerun Kicker Menu Recent Doc's issue [Solved]

Would like to move Recent Documents up under Recent Applications.
As seems in the wrong position visually when moving mouse up the menu categories.

Just may be me but would like to fine tune menu layout.
And Recent folders don’t even show up in Edit Applications menu.

Yes you can move it, but you will need to edit this file as root: /usr/share/config/homerunkickerrc

Thanks for the location and just used a # in front of sourceId=RecentDocuments line and seems to work.




Thanks again for the assist.

noob question…how do i get back kicker menu back instead of the kde one…

Add it as a widget to the panel by either right clicking or clicking the configure button on the far right of the panel and add widgets


Next time you need help, could you please create your own thread and not hijack another persons, thanks…

yeah sure …(thought the idea was to limit amount of threads and double up on threads asking the same quesrions…guess not in)…

Normally you would be right ralpheeee, but you were not asking the same question, you need to know how to get the panel itself back, Orbmiser was needing help in customizing it. Besides, once a threads subject has been marked as solved we shouldn’t continue posting in it unless the OP finds that their issue wasn’t actually solved.

so I did the tweak which worked and my recents doc has now gone…Thxs…my question here is I now have some of my favourites short cut no longer appearing as I suppose the dimensions have changed…so am I correct in thinking that the homerun kicker menu is not dynamic ie does not change dimension dynamically…thxs…