how connect iPad?

Hello everyone, someone would know tell me how you connect the iPad to the computer to copy the files?

If you have iOS7 installed on the tablet I guess you need this package libimobiledevice-ios7fix from AUR (you can search in YAOURT section of octopi to find it) to show the device in Clementine or other software (like for example gtkpod)

It should mount just like any other USB storage device via udisk2, you may however need to install ifuse and fuse-exfat if they not already installed:

sudo pacman -S fuse-exfat ifuse

PS. DO NOT install libimobiledevice-ios7fix from the AUR, it is flagged out of date and could introduce instability with your system.

I can not, any advice you could give me more details? Thanks.
I did, but it should make this available to everyone