How to add KDE Netrunner Menu items

How can I search all KDE applications and add them to my Netrunner KDE menu?
Right now, I can see part of them. I look at it in the KMenuEdit and not everything is there as well.
Does I need to manually edit the menu items for all KDE application on this?

Many thanks.


There a a few options here:

1: You can switch from using Homerun Kicker to one of the KDE Application Launchers (Kickoff):
(click on the cashew on the panel and select add widgets then drag one of the other ones to the panel)

2: You could install and use Lancelot:

sudo pacman -S kdeplasma-addons-applets-lancelot

(follow the same procedure as above except this time you’ll drag Lancelot to the panel)

3: Sticking with Homerun Kicker you can restore it to using the default system menu.
(Right click on the Menu Icon and select Edit Applications > Edit > Restore to System Menu.)

Thank you for your reply. Now, I choose to have 2 Menu Launcher at the same panel. I wonder when you create NetRunner, how do you pick and choose what application to put on the menu?

After carefully looking a tthe menu item in the KDE Application Launcher, I found something interesting.

I tried to look for KOrganizer. I found Kontact instead and Kontact and KOrganizer are not really the same. Some menu missing even in Application menu launcher. There are a lot more when you choose Edit Application such as Education, Science & Math. What happen there?

I find the third option works best for me, but even then I have to go in and hide things.
I hate duplicate entries in my menus. :slight_smile:

Anyway, while I can’t answer your question directly as I don’t know, I can only guess that it was probably for the same reasons why they modified the System Settings look and feel, and made their own desktop layout, etc.

Thank you again for your thought reply. I do appreciate that. My point is whether we have all provided programon the menu, we, then, know what we have available to us in the installation. In cas, if the release note said so, it should be on the menu (if it has user interface for it), otherwise, there is no complete in that release.

You can always unhide those application items if you want. We hide some of them to remove duplicates and we also put some apps in different categories. Other applications are just hidden because besides the author and a bunch of people no one really knows how to use them but they are still essential applications ressources for other apps. (like imagemagick for example; in particular display gui)
Your example of Korganzer and Kontact is a special case. Kontact is the PIM Suite including korganizer. So we offer kontact instead of a link to every component of it.
Its just a matter of cleaning things up a little and don’t clutter the default menu experience.

Now, THAT sounds good, leszek. Thanks for your insightful reply.