How to display KMail in Application Menu [Solved]

I installed 17 and can find/run KMail using Krunner but it does not appear in Application Menu under the internet folder( or anywhere else). Is there a way to add it to Application Menu or unhide it if it is hidden?

Right click on the menu icon on the bottom left of the panel. Choose edit applications. In the editor you will have the option to add kmail back to the category of your liking.

Alternatively you can always edit the file ~/.config/menus/ and remove kmail from the excluded / hidden list there.

I right clicked on Applications Menu and chose edit application. I did not see an option to add KMail back but I did chose ‘Restore System Menu’ and that showed everything. I then back (right) clicked on the menu items I didn’t want shown and chose to hide them.

I will also try your second option as well—that of editing the config file—need to learn both.

Thanks for your help!