How to update to firerox 32

My system has not yet updated firefox 30 (initial version in the distribution) neither to firefox 31 nor firefox 32.
Is there something I must do?

Only be patient.
As the firefox we ship contains the kde integration patches it takes some time to update firefox.

[color=#000080]I upgraded from version 30 to 31 and now to 32 and is integrated with KDE
You have to add the following repository:
[size=medium]$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa[/size]
[color=#000080]Then do:[/color]
[size=medium]$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
[color=#000080]and Ready, is updated and so far does not give me any problems, use Frontier 64[/color]

Thank you for your help!
I just did what you said, but it does not update firefox. Instead, it updates thunderbird.
Any idea?

Thank you for your reply. I read somewhere that security reasons made mozilla to release version 31 and now 32 (33 is already in beta). Should this reason (security) also be significant for our system(Netrunner OS)?

[color=#000080]@Stelios SK:
Try the following to uninstall Firefox completely:
[size=medium]$ sudo apt-get --purge remove firefox[/size]
[color=#000080]Then you re-install it with:[/color]
[size=medium]$ sudo apt-get install firefox[/size]
[color=#000080]And you’ll have the latest stable version, 32[/color]

Dear Germain, I just did what you said. The newly installable firefox is still the firefox 30 (from frontier repository). The thunderbird though had beeen updated from the ubuntu-mozilla-security repository you suggested. I can’t understand why it does not install firefox 32 :huh:

[color=#000080]Try again adding (*) at the end of firefox[/color]

[size=medium]$ sudo apt-get --purge remove firefox*[/size]

[color=#000080]Then you re-install it with:[/color]

[size=medium]$ sudo apt-get install firefox[/size]

[color=#000080]And you’ll have the latest stable version, 32[/color]

Dear Germain, when I execute the command $ sudo apt-get --purge remove firefox* , I get the message that the following packets will be removed:
firefox* firefox-kde-support* firefox-locale-el* firefox-locale-en*
netrunner-artwork* netrunner-artwork-firefox* netrunner-desktop*

I am not sure that this is a good idea :s

I did try both methods; still got firefox 30.
When will we get the newest version of firefox??
Iam a new user of netrunner. This distro is realy great. One of the first distro’s with a sound modification. Never seen it before.

Firefox 32 will be available as soon as the kde integration patches build with it and everything works as expected.

Stay at the version you are at now. I’m using Firefox 30 with no problems. Why you think you have to move up to the newer version? I always wait for it appear in the updates on my system. I don’t fix nothing, if nothing isn’t broken.

If you must update to Firefox 30. I always go to the source, to do so.

Firefox 32 has not only some nice new features, but security fixes as well. There should be an update coming soon, the Netrunner developers are still testing their new build.

Today i seen the update for firefox 32, i updated everything, closed the updater and ran firefox but in the about info it still says it is firefox 30.

i ran synaptic and it tells me i have firefox 32 installed, small bug somewhere?

This got me curious. I was checking my version of Firefox, and it is the version 32, and it was done through the system update. I never update anything that is not done through system, as I have learned my lesson the hard way! Any how, I checked both my laptop and desktop computers running Frontier 14 LTS, and it is Firefox 32. So how could that be?


If you can’t wait for Netrunner to update firefox-kde, you could always install the non-KDE enhanced version from the Ubuntu repositories until they get it working, of course this was just a thought.

But Netrunner has already updated the Firefox-KDE to version 32, and that’s what I’m confused about. Mine was updated through the system. I did not do it manually.


Can you open up synaptic or muon software center and make sure?
After looking at the frontier repositories, firefox is at version 32 and firefox-kde is still at 30, but maybe I’m missing something.

Firefox-kde was updated to version 32 a couple of days ago for frontier.

OK then, I apologize.
I was looking at the PPA’s here: