I have been a linux user for about 6 years now and have run the gamut of distros (Ubuntu, openSUSE, pclos, madriva, etc…) trying to find the one distro that not only meets all my needs, but requires as little extra “tweaking” as possible.

I’d personally like to congratulate everyone resonsible for probably the best OOBE (out of box experience) I have ever encountered. This may actually be the one distro to get more windows users over to linux. Thanks guys.

I have only been running it a coule days, but I already feel this will be my primary boot for a long time to come.

I have to agree this is a very nicely polished distro. Far better than kubuntu from install and easilly on a par with opensuse’s kde desktop integration if not better. I will be recommending this distro to friends.

Excelent job!