HP Deskjet 3052A j611g driver?


Which file is the driver for the HP Deskjet 3052A j611g printer?

HP shows Linux types as Boss, Debian, Fedora, Igos, Linpus Linux, Linux from scratch, Linux Mint, Mandriva Linux, Mepis, PC linuxOS, red had, red hat enterprise, suse linux, Ubuntu, and goS.

I need the printer driver to use my printer.

The prior Netrunner version had the driver for my printer. Netrunner Frontier does not.

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Well, thank you. I was getting tired of it. Then I found out. Either my printer has a ‘2’ instead of a ‘0’ or the file is corrupt and has 3050A instead of 3052A.

I selected 3050A and boom, out go the prints.

I had to download the tarball from HP and then read all the printer types and given 3052A does not exist, 3050A j611 was the closest choice. Chose it and boom, printing.

Well, have a great night.


Yes, this is common even with the widows drivers, if you take a closer look at the actual driver files. The 3050A driver will work on all 305_A series of printers, I wish HP would make this clearer in their documentation.