I Broke Plymouth

While trying to change the logo of the Plymouth I broke it no I have no logo and all it says is Netrunner 14… Starbuck anyway to fix it ?:@

You could reinstall plymouth-netrunner-logo which sets the logo to it again.

But isnt there an .deb file containing the necessary script to reinstall the netrunner 14 logo ???

The plymouth-theme-netrunner-logo is that package.

Where is the file located so i can launch and install

A .deb file is not an executable installer, it’s a package file (an archive that has the program files, locations and configurations of an application stored inside), these require another program called a package manager to install the contents and configure the system to use them. Different Linux distributions all use different formats of these files, however all Linux distributions provide most applications you need in a repository of these files and use a package management system to manage them.

The plymouth-theme-netrunner-logo package is in the package repositories. You can install it with a GUI front end to the package manager, muon or synaptic will do, or you can just use the apt package manager directly from the command line.

$ apt-get install plymouth-theme-netrunner-logo

Thank You

You are most welcome.