i386 apps in 64 bit system

Hi, am new to Arch Linux, manjaro, how do I install i386 apps in a 64 bit system, something like multiarch support in debian?

Multiarch is by default installed on Netrunner rolling (manjaro) systems, otherwise Skype wouldn’t work. The 32bit libraries are labeled as such in the repository (lib32-xx), and will install to /usr/lib32. The standard 64 bit libraries install to /usr/lib as normal.

Thank you @AjSlye, that is good to hear, but when installing bible-kjv I still get this error

[quote]ERROR: bible-kjv is not available for the ‘x86_64’ architecture.
Note that many packages may need a line added to their PKGBUILD
such as arch=(‘x86_64’).

Maybe you can help me install the package?

I just tried to install bible-kjv using the method from the AUR and it still fails to build:


However, I would recommend bibletime, you can use the KJV (king james version) with it. Personally I have KJV and NIV side by side in it, but to each his own. Bibletime has a very nice GUI that is QT4 based as well as many other nice features:


PS. make sure youe have the base-devel group installed before using the AUR:

sudo pacman -S base-devel

sorry for the bad news brother.

Thank you once again, but I installed xiphos-svn with sword -svn as a dependency, which now breaks bibletime dependency, will try to remove them first and take a look at bibletime, and revert back. It looks different from debian but not very different, I think I may learn it.
And octopi is not as bad as I thought, when you get over the fact that its not synaptic.

Yea, Octopi is great. I just want to let you know, that if you want update notifications you’ll need to install octopi-notifier, well, at least until they get muon working,

Hey AJSlye
From where did you install the NIV? I went through all those lists in settings/bookshelf manager but couldn’t find that one anywhere in there. Did I just miss it?

Cool program… thanks for that tip.

There isn’t one, NIV is copyrighted and is not released in any format for free. I had to build it myself scanning in each page using OCR from my own copy and separating each line myself, took about a week. I would suggest choosing one of the NET versions in the sword database, they are very readable and as close to NIV that I’ve found for free.