Infrequent Updates

Being fairly new to it, I find that Netrunner/Manjaro doesn’t seem to update very often. Not that I need a updated Kernel, but 3.14 on Netrunner when my openSUSE Thumbweed (on laptop) is 3.17 seems a little out of date.

Why the double post?

I didn’t double post. I posted once and was as surprised as you to see it appear twice. I have no idea what the forum software did.


OK then, I will have to have this looked into, if it happens again let me know.

There was actually something about the update issue being to do with some backed up bugs and some issues going on with GTK 3.14 or somesuch. As for the kernel, use the manjaro settings manager to upgrade that. Unlike Ubuntu or OpenSuse where you have one generic kernel package, Manjaro gives you a selection. This is good for people who have issues with newer/older kernels, but it also means you have to be more vigilant if you want the newest kernel always installed.

Sabayon has a similar setup where the kernel doesn’t really upgrade on the fly, and you have to upgrade it yourself using their tool. A difference being I believe that Manjaro will alert you when a new LTS kernel comes out by default.

Anyways, the latest kernel available through the Manjaro Settings Manager for Netrunner Rolling and Manjaro is 3.18.0-0, although their recommended kernel is 3.16.

@ Scyer
We do appreciate your willingness to help, however Orbmiser and I had already answer this question in Clyde’s first post on this here:

This was the unfortunate second post of a doubled up posting.