install error ubi-partman 141

First of all, I would like to say hi, since this is my first post on this forum :slight_smile:

Down to business: I am in the process of installing netrunner 16, but the installer stops at the partition step, where i get the ubi-partman error 141 message. I have read all the threads I could find regarding this error message, both in this forum and via several google searches. I have tried following the advice that was given: deleting and creating new partitions, starting the kernel parameter on the installation media with ‘nodmraid’, I have tried mounting the partitions before installation, and have created the installation .iso on both DVD and now also on a SD card. No dice.

It is not the first time I have received the ubi-partman error 141, so I think it must be something in my system that clashes with the partition program. I have read that some keyboard configurations can cause this error - on Swiss keyboard at least. My keyboard config is Danish, but I haven’t even reached the part in the installer where this is edited.

A bit data: I am trying to dual boot with windows 7, and have created a extended partition so that is possible (used this partition to run openSUSE before). I don’t have a system with UEFI - my system uses BIOS. The hard disk is RAID.

I would really appreciate your help, because Netrunner seems like a great distro, and would like to use it!

Seems to me like the installer does not like your partition scheme.
An ideal solution would be recreating the whole partition scheme.
But this would mean reinstalling everything.

So instead of that how about preparing the drive for Netrunner before starting the installer with gparted or the kde partition manager ?
Does this throw any error message ?
If not then you are lucky and can choose manual partitioning in the installer and just choose the already prepared partitions and don’t format or change anything on the partition layout.
You can do this by clicking the already prepared partition hit edit and choose use as / (this means as root partition) and this should be enough.
Hope it works for you.

Hi leszek, thank you for the response.

I agree that it must be the partition scheme that throws it off, since the installer in Netrunner is the same as the one Kubuntu and Ubuntu, where the same problem have occurred previously.
I have tried to reformat the partitions to ext4 in preparation to Netrunner, but alas the problem remains.
I have not tried the installers manual partitioning, because I have pressed abort or annul when the error message popped up. Guess I will try to press continue, and figure out if I can go back in the menu and manually edit the partitions.