Install German, with German-Swiss Keyboard fails -Installer Crashed

Bug Description:

Swiss German Keyboard abolutely does not work in Netrunner 13.06 (same on kUbuntu 13.04) Installer! No Way!

64bit Netrunner Desktop 13.06

First try:

Try to fresh install German, with Swiss-German Keyboard (i.e. choose it at boot screen) and there’s a “ubi-console-setup failed with exit code 141” after setting the timezone; later (after ignore) the installation completely fails.

Tryed on more PC’s, the same, and on one new, with new HDD, no other OS was before installed on this machine, the bug is the same. It happens just if you chose to install on German (on other languages, the swiss keyboard selection is working).

Try it!

Install Netrunner 13.06 in German (Deutsch) / Swiss German Keyboard (Deusch Schweiz), selected already at boot.

The same bug on other KDE Os, like Kubuntu (Tested, and the same bug and crash!)

Second try:

Boot without language/keyboard selection. Start live desktop. Go to system settings, setup german language and swiss-german keyboard (I need that! ever tried to enter password with another keyboard layout?!?). Start installer in german (note I always choose encrypted LVM). Set timezone to Switzerland. This time, I arrive at the keyboard selection. There is no “Deutsch (Schweiz)” (“German (Switzerland)”) only Austria is represented - why?!? - ok, there’s Schweiz (Switzerland), so I choose it from the combo-box -> immediately crashes!

“Installer Crashed” Traceback /usr/lib/ubiquity/ line 48 …