Install Netrunner`s Plasma on Stretch

Netrunner team has built plasma 5.9 for Stretch.
I think, it is possible to add Netrunners repos in upcoming Debian Stretch. I have added Netrunners stretch-backports repos in Debian Stretch, but it asks for public key for repos.
So, I have no idea where can I get them?


A probably better approach from my perspective is to install Netrunner and switch the repo to stretch - that’s what I’ve done and it works perfectly, no issues at all. That way when stretch is released I will have a Netrunner Plasma version 5.9 running on top of Debian Stretch.

I know, thait it is the easiest solution. And I have tested it in VirtualBox - works without any problem.
But I`m a bit obsessesive with minimalistic Plasma and Netrunner for me is too much (even core version).
So, the only thing left for me is to find out public key 03C715C8BAB85BBB.
Well, I need keyserver name only to get it done.

i solved the problem by launching netrunner live cd 17.06.Once in netrunner i saved the ‘trust.gpg’ file in the apt folder(may be in /apt/trusted.d folder) and put it in the folder /etc/apt/trusted.d of my pure debian testing. after that i put the netrunner-backport repository in the sources.list of my debian testing. i update , then dist-upgrade and everything goes well. i just had a little probleme on a file when updating, easily resolved.
Now i have a debian testing with plasma 5.9